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Patient Experience

Smiling Patient due to good patient experience

The Change from CX to PX

The post pandemic world has a new order for healthcare, with trends to adoption of remote health and democratisation of access through digital transformation and IoT. The Pharma Industry is commenting widely on the permanent changes that will happen. The industry is facing challenges around how it goes about digital transformation accelerated by the uptake of non-personal channels, as Field Representative visits are restricted and patients are presenting less often to Health Professionals.

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Customer experience feeding into the customer journey

Deeper Human Connections with AI

If 86% of buyers are willing to pay more for a great customer experience, then it is even more important to understand the voice of the customer. Therefore, 44% of corporations now operate voice of the customer programs to driver customer experience and innovation. The key tool to facilitate this program is the use of Artificial Intelligence to capture an outside-in view of the customers perspective. 

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Man feeling confident in taking medication

Boosting Patient Confidence in Medicine

Patients want to trust that what you are telling them is correct. They want to believe that your numerous years in medical school, your residency and your clinical experience enables you to make their lives better.While they may have confidence in your abilities, they may lack confidence in the medicine you are prescribing. And if they aren’t sure the medicine will help them, they are likely to avoid taking it as prescribed.

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Personalised Data for Personalised Medicine

Personalised medicine is about getting patients on the right medicine, at the right time on the right dose. Many factors play into achieving this, none more so than patient involvement in their treatment plan – sharing their opinions and feelings at different stages of their journey. Capturing these feelings can be used to improve treatment in several ways.

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