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Digital Trends for Global Brand Building

The rapid spread of the internet and internet-based technologies is reshaping how companies build and manage global brands. While specific platforms and technologies change rapidly, what does not change quickly are the underlying trends. An article written by Jan-Benedict Steenkamp in 2020 identifies the implications of five core underlying digital trends for global brand building and management.

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The Role of Emotional Intelligence in Patient- Centred Care

The principles of patient-centred care are increasingly stressed as part of health care policy and practice. Explanations for why some practitioners seem more successful in achieving patient-centred care vary, but a possible role for individual differences in personality has been postulated. One of these, emotional intelligence (EI), is increasingly referred to in health care literature.

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Personalised Data for Personalised Medicine

Personalised medicine is about getting patients on the right medicine, at the right time on the right dose. Many factors play into achieving this, none more so than patient involvement in their treatment plan – sharing their opinions and feelings at different stages of their journey. Capturing these feelings can be used to improve treatment in several ways.

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Q&A: How PatientMetRx Uses Artificial Intelligence

The healthcare industry continues to evolve as machine learning and AI in technology become prevalent. The integration of AI into healthcare allows for multiple benefits, including automating tasks and analysing big patient data sets to deliver better healthcare faster (Phaneuf, 2021). This blog highlights how Artificial Intelligence, known as AI, sits behind our data at PatientMetRx. 

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