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Shaking Up the Social Media Landscape

According to a study by Hootsuite, 55.1% of the global population uses at least one social media platform—that is 4.33 billion people. On average, users spend 2 hours 22 minutes on social media each day. That is a lot of people spending a lot of time watching quite a lot happen across their social feeds in the past year. We saw Twitter fact check Donald Trump while he was still the President of the United States and then eventually even banned him from the platform. We watched as misinformation about vaccines spread like wildfire. We also watched as people celebrated getting the vaccine. We watched the video of George Floyd’s murder as it was shared across social media. Then we saw both individuals and corporations post their support of #BlackLivesMatter.

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Personalised Data for Personalised Medicine

Personalised medicine is about getting patients on the right medicine, at the right time on the right dose. Many factors play into achieving this, none more so than patient involvement in their treatment plan – sharing their opinions and feelings at different stages of their journey. Capturing these feelings can be used to improve treatment in several ways.

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