Q&A: PatientMetRx Data Service

PatientMetRx is a cloud based data service providing instant social intelligence insights for the world’s leading drug brands. 

What Drives our AI Machine? 

Our AI enabled platform is driven by patient generated feedback, collected from multiple sources including social platforms, forums, groups and connected devices. We use Artificial Intelligence to isolate the voice of the genuine patient to display real world patient experience by medicine on a global scale. 

What is The Patient Confidence Score? 

Our first feature allows clients to benchmark patient confidence for their own medicine and those around it at the press of a button.  This is an innovative and efficient way to access the patient feedback loop digitally, and avoids the time needed for more traditional patient research processes. Used by marketeers as a scorecard for the patient voice, it gives a unique view on patient experience to drive forward the effectiveness of drugs marketing. 

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