Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Ethics

The World Health Organisation

It is great to see that the European Commission and The World Health Organisation (WHO) have now published their paper on the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI). WHO has drawn up six main principles, the European Commission have three main principles. All principles are around ethics, technical transparency, and impact on the social community and well-being of the public. Now that we have these guidelines, we need to ensure that we take them into consideration through the core of our business policies, competencies, KPIs, etc.

This is a step towards a better understanding of the world of AI, building up public confidence in AI and companies using this ethically, safely, and securely.

Below are the key principles and links to find the guidelines:

WHO – Six Principles

  1. Protecting human autonomy
  2. Promoting human well-being and safety and the public interest
  3. Ensuring transparency, explainability, and intelligence
  4. Fostering responsibility and accountability
  5. Ensuring inclusiveness and equity
  6. Promoting AI that is responsive and sustainable

Click here to view the full download of the report on guidelines.

The European Commission has also prepared Trustworthy AI Ethical Guidelines for ensuring three major practices are adhered to:

  1. Lawful - respecting all applicable laws and regulations
  2. Ethical - respecting ethical principles and values
  3. Robust - both from a technical perspective while considering its social environment

Please click here for more details. 



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